Monday, September 19, 2005


It is strange to think that I never once thought it was weird or stupid to live and be inhabited in the desert. I grew with the knowledge that the west was an arid place, desert terrain, no water, but I also grew up with the notion that the Great Plains was a fertile land. Little did I know that most of it is irrigated…strange that I never made the connection of the Dust Bowl. I’ve never traveled about the west of our country. I’ve been to San Diego, which was an oasis I remember when flying overhead. New Mexico, Arizona, was definitely the desert…and then San Diego. How glorious, the humidity was nonexistent the sun was shining overhead, people there weren’t used to thunderstorms…which I thought was strange, because in Houston the summer afternoons are cooled by the thunderstorms. I now realize no rain is not normal or a sustainable society.


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